University Boulevard banners provide the university with an excellent way to welcome visitors to our campus and introduce them to the university’s identity that is additionally carried out through building signage along the boulevard to central campus. The university uses the banners as promotional opportunities to announce and build awareness for events, promotions, seasons, and conferences. The Office of University Marketing coordinates the University Boulevard banner program. The banners provide a dramatic entryway to campus for visitors, prospective students, families of students, and new faculty and staff each year from May 1 through October 31.


Banner Template

When do banners fly on University Boulevard?

The University Boulevard banner season runs from May 1–October 31. The Office of University Marketing is responsible for the University Boulevard banner schedule. Campus units interested in participating in the banner program should contact University Marketing prior to January 1 of the upcoming season.

How many banners fly on University Boulevard?

University Boulevard banners are displayed on poles from Lincoln Way to south of Mortensen Drive. Banners can be ordered in quantities of 40 or 80, depending on the university’s schedule for displaying university banners. Forty banners fill one side of the banner poles and 80 fill both sides of the banner poles. Both sides of the poles must have banners flying at all times. If a unit wants to fly only 40 banners, the university must agree to fly 40 university banners at the same time.

Who designs the banners?

All banner designs are created by the Office of University Marketing. Cost estimates will be provided. Banners are 30″ wide by 96″ high. A unit can have a maximum of two complementary designs flying at the same time. All designs must be approved by the Trademark Licensing Office by completing the Internal Trademark Use Request Form.

Who is responsible for producing the banners?

The Office of University Marketing is responsible for the production of all banners on University Boulevard. Cost estimates, based on the number of colors in the design, types of images, and banner material will be provided. Please contact the Office of University Marketing for more information at 515 294-9624.

Who installs the banners?

Although University Boulevard is a public street and the poles are owned by the city of Ames, the city has given the Campus Services unit of Iowa State’s Facilities Planning and Management department responsibility for installing and removing all banners. Campus Services charges for installation and removal of banners. Estimates will be provided through the Office of University Marketing. University Marketing is responsible for working with Campus Services to develop schedules. Internal units are responsible for submitting orders to Campus Services for installation and removal of their banners.


Thousands of Impressions

Banners build consistent visual imagery for your campaigns and events and communicate with thousands of people traveling daily on the boulevard.