Let’s all brand together

A brand is much more than simply our name, wordmark, or school colors. It is, in essence, a person’s preconception of a product, service, or organization. These days, with information available, literally in the palm of students’ hands, the competition among universities is at an all-time high. And within our own campus, we provide each unit an opportunity to express its own distinct voice, while still maintaining consistency within the overarching Iowa State University brand. Understanding the diverse, and unique differences and preferences of every student are what drives us to make relevant, and meaningful connections in all mediums.

Get the most out of your promotional efforts by partnering with our office to develop effective marketing and branding solutions. Our marketing services are offered to any unit on campus.

Always Remember

  • Good promotion makes a poor product fail faster.
  • Don't research what you don't want to know.
  • Strategic Marketing

    Develop an effective marketing plan based on goals and objectives to improve results.

    Market Research

    To better understand your target audience, gather valuable data and insights about their specific thoughts and needs.

    Integrated Marketing Campaigns

    Achieve the best marketing results from your target audiences through well-coordinated use of different promotional methods that reinforce each other.

  • Brand Positioning

    Align your specific strengths and points of differentiation to create separation from competitors in the minds of your prospects.

    Brand Adherence

    Develop a consistent and cohesive look, feel, and language across the broad range of creative marketing materials leveraging the university’s brand power.

    Digital Marketing

    Reach your audience on the web using social media, Internet advertising, and other digital marketing tactics.

  • Core Messaging

    Communicate your points of
    differentiation from your peers and competitors by developing key messages that resonate with your target audiences.

    Print Design

    Leave a lasting impression with your audience that’s on point and on brand by creating engaging and informative brochures, publications, posters, invitations, and other print materials.

    Environmental / Exhibit Design

    Stand out from the crowd with branded tradeshow graphics, exhibits, signage, large-format graphics, and interior displays that communicate your strengths and, most important, achieve results.

  • Web / Mobile Development

    Create an engaging online experience
    that works seamlessly across devices and allows your audience to interact with you anytime and anywhere.

    Photography / Video

    Tell compelling stories through unique, engaging photography and interactive video marketing that enrich your message.


    Communicate your message clearly and effectively through strategic print, outdoor, and online advertisements that get noticed.

  • Content Management

    Unify your communications by identifying and developing noteworthy stories of achievement, distinction, and discovery to further the university’s brand.

    Promotional Merchandise

    Remain top of mind with your target demographic by developing branded promotional merchandise.


    Need something else? We can probably help. Just reach out to us with your challenge or project and we’ll partner with you to come up with the right solution.