Case Studies

Beardshear Hall

A Timeless Facelift

Built back in 1908, Beardshear Hall has seen its fair share of changes over the years. But recently, it got a serious makeover. We’re talking vibrant colors, motivational messages, and a whole new vibe. They gave the whole building a fresh coat of paint, jazzed up the typography, and added some slick new signage to help visitors find their way around. It’s like Beardshear Hall got a facelift and never looked better!

They adorned this Land Grant Wall with fascinating historical facts about the university.

What Made Them Consider Environmental Branding For Their Department?

With Beardshear Hall being built over 125 years ago, it was overdue for a modern makeover. They wanted to breathe new life into the spaces of this old building, infusing it with a vibrant new look.

What Was The Reaction To The Environmental Marketing Efforts?

The revitalized atmosphere sparked a renewed sense of pride in the historic building and enhanced the overall experience for everyone who interacted with it.