Case Studies

Student Innovation Center Environmental

A Fresh Coat of Creativity

Iowa State University’s Student Innovation Center is a place where collaboration is king. To nurture creativity and inspire action, they infused the entire space with bold graphics, thought-provoking messages, and intuitive wayfinding maps. And who could miss the stunning ring of lights above the stairwell, illuminating the path to innovation?

This window graphic highlights how all colleges are represented in the Student Innovation Center.

What Made Them Consider Environmental Branding For The Student Innovation Center?

They wanted to create an immersive environment that reflects their commitment to innovation and collaboration, inspiring students and visitors alike to engage with the space in new and exciting ways.

What Was The Reaction To The Environmental Marketing Efforts?

The reaction to the environmental branding efforts was overwhelmingly positive, with students, faculty, and visitors expressing enthusiasm for the refreshed aesthetic and its ability to foster creativity and collaboration within the Student Innovation Center.