Case Studies

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Bringing New Life to an Old Space

The mechanical engineering department’s classrooms and labs were described as a swarm of activity, so it was aptly named, “The Hive.” Another building features an interactive wall where students can engage and push-buttons.

A once scary basement dungeon-like space was branded “The Mine” and transformed into a showcase piece.

The previously dark and gloomy environment came to life with vibrant colors and clever messaging that injected a feeling of excitement for students and faculty.

What made the department consider environmental branding for their department?

Their building was dark and depressing and, according to some students, had the image of being haunted. They believed that a bright and engaging space fosters collaboration and can increase productivity levels, resulting in happier students, staff, donors, and visitors.

What was the reaction to the environmental marketing efforts?

Over $250,000 was committed by major corporations to fund additional environmental projects within the department. Within three years of the branding effort, it became the largest mechanical engineering department in the country.