Case Studies

ISU Dining

Diners Have an Appetite for Delicious Design

ISU Dining has a wide variety of made-from-scratch food options available on campus in more than 20 locations and students didn’t know it. We rebranded our delicious food offerings by creating one colorful, cohesive brand unifying them all.

We rebranded our website, food trucks, and marketing materials, and dining locations with catchy, humorous messaging conveying the benefits of ISU Dining’s superior cuisine helping elevate the value of the eateries.

What were you hoping to achieve with this environmental marketing task?

We wanted to overcome the perception that university food was a bland, cafeteria-style offering and promote our made-from-scratch food offerings.

What other obstacles did you have to overcome?

Many students didn’t know where to use meal plans and the dining hall, café, and c-store each had separate names and identities. To eliminate the confusion, we rebranded ISU Dining creating one cohesive overarching brand.