Case Studies

College of Engineering

Lights, Camera, Admissions

Research revealed that Gen Z students prefer video communication and messaging that is personalized to them. So, targeted social media and email campaigns with corresponding workflows were created utilizing variable content based on the recipient profile. Powered by animated, short, and long-form videos, potential students were driven to personalized landing pages based on their identified persona and stage in the admissions funnel.

Marketing was tailored to Gen Z’s preferences: personalized videos in email and social media campaigns. Each student received content tailored to their interests for a unique admissions journey.

What Were The Marketing Objectives?

The College of Engineering aimed to boost applications and student enrollment through a more dynamic, personalized communication strategy while expanding top-of-the-funnel brand awareness to a fresh audience.

What Were The Results of The Marketing Efforts?

The outcome? The College of Engineering enjoyed an impressive 18% surge in student enrollment, tripled website traffic, and a whopping 350 additional applications compared to the previous year.